Problem of the Week #13

Unfortunately, we didn’t receive any correct solutions to #12. Perhaps less technical problems would be more fun to work with:



Problem of the Week #12

We received several submissions to #11, but Victor Sterling was the only one who provided the correct answer.

Now #12 is this:0025_POW_2016_03_25

Problem of the Week #6

Thanks for sending your solutions to Problem of the Week #5! We even had submissions from professors here (although they’re not qualified of course)! Anyway we received two correct solutions from undergraduates, and the first was Zachary Hancock, and the second was Brendan Caseria. Congrats to Zachary and Brendan!

Now #6 is the following:

Problem of the Week #5

Thanks for participating in the previous Problem of The Week! We had a record number of submissions to the last problem, and received two correct solutions: we would like to congratulate Zachary Hancock for providing the first solution and also Sirish Pradhan for the second.

Now the fifth Problem of the Week is: